Caffe Mauro has been producing blends, meeting the highest standards of quality since the company started in 1949. With determination, passion and love for the product, they managed to make Caffe Mauro grow to new heights by always retaining quality in the first place.


With 100% Arabica quality, Centopercentoline is a renedand exclusive blend. Its caeinecontent is Moderate that it can also be drunk frequently. A light coee, with a strong aroma and perfume, above all as far as the fruity and oral smells are concerned.


Our “50/50” is a balanced and full-flavored blend. Notes of coco and spices fill the palate, enhancing the distictivetrait of the best African natural Robusta. The fusion of South American floral notes with the brilliant fruity acidity typical of the Ethiopian highland complete the cup with a unique personality..


The De Luxe line owes its pleasant chocolate aroma to the land of origin of its beans, where coffee plants often grow surrounded by coco plantation. It is a very aromatic product with a sweet flavour, in which the Arabica coffees are well balanced by a premium quality 30% Robusta coffee with a low caffeine content. Taste it at the coffee bar: its more pleasant!


Our 80/20 is a blend with a strong and decisive taste. The sweetness of Brazilian Arabica is a pervaded by spicy notes of Asian Robusta with a pleasant aftertaste of wood and tobacco.

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